Client Profile

Surgical Care Associates, PSC

Healthcare Industry

Services Used

• Medical Forms with Text Messaging
• HP Copiers

The Problem

Located in Louisville, Kentucky, Surgical Care Associates has been operating longer than any other practice in the state and is dedicated to the treatment of patients with disorders of the arteries and veins. Surgical Care Associates care deeply for all of their patients, so they spent over 240 hours a month printing, mailing, and cataloging paperwork for all of them. Aside from the time commitment, handwritten paperwork can result in issues with insurance and missing essential information. They were also relying on copiers that weren’t as secure as they could be.

The Solution

doc doc goose developed an easy-to-use mobile system so patients can fill out all of the necessary forms right from their own phones, and even upload pictures of their medications, Insurance & ID cards. Required fields means surgical staff get all of the important information they need to take the best care of their patients — and they don’t have to catalog all of it by hand. doc doc goose with the assistance of XBS Office Solutions included copiers to address HIPAA-compliancy with the new system for an added sense of security and efficiency.

“The new mobile paperwork system saves us so much time. We can focus on what is really the most important: quality patient care. The system is so streamlined. Everyone who wasn’t as experienced with technology has found it easy to use. doc doc goose helped us every step of the way, from tailoring to our needs to suggestions from their decades of industry experience.”
Marcia Hughes
Practice Manager, Surgical Care Associates, PSC
This project was completed in partnership with XBS Office Solutions