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Why Are Spreadsheets a Thing of the Past?

I can always tell when my boss is working on a spreadsheet – you can see the frustration on his face.  I’ve asked him why we haven’t switched to a more advanced and easier to navigate system. He’s always claimed that spreadsheets are easier to work with than more...

Why do Leaders Need to Embrace the Automation Age?

Talk to any software developer today, and within minutes, he or she will bring Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning into the conversation.  The world is quickly adapting to automation, however, there’s still a sector that remains untouched by automation:...

How Different Generations Make Decisions

Today we have five generations that make up our population. Because these generations have different experiences, they have different ways of analyzing situations and making decisions.  Generational differences can have a big impact when making purchasing decisions....

How to Develop Positive Work Culture in a Remote Team

Developments in technology have changed the way organizations work today. Tools like video calls and project management software have decentralized the workplace. Now, team members can be located in different time zones or sitting at their kitchen table and still be...

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