“lift, clean, and place”

Advanced Capture

We take all your key data from your documents and put it right at your fingertips without them needing to do the ‘ol tippity tap tap dance. 


scan and deliver

Work Smarter

Manual data entry creates a hidden cost, as the task of keying data is usually dispersed across departments and employees. However, it extracts a real price in terms of lost productivity and increased labor costs. When employees are keying data, they are not focused on their core duties and that hampers a company’s ability to accomplish work efficiently. DDG Software partners with newgeneration, universal document capture, and forms processing systems available onsite or in the cloud. Utilizing what in golf terms is “Lift, Clean and Place,” this revolutionary process has yet to find a document it can’t tackle

5% Reduction in Operating Costs Equates to a 30% Increase in Sales!

On Average, it costs $15.00 to Manually Process one Invoice, 62% of this Loss is in Labor

Also on Average, 3.6% of Invoices have Errors. That means 360/10,000 Payments are made to the Wrong Vendor, have the Wrong Invoice Number or Amount

More than 50% of Eligible Vendor Discounts are Missed Due to Manual Processing Times


Less Papercuts


Saved Labor


Less Frustrated Workers

Advanced Capture is used in virtually every department in any type of business that employees are manually matching documents, sorting and taking data off of documents or systems, and re-keying into another system/location. The data extracted can also be verified, validated, or even have mathematical rules applied prior to initiating a workflow for approvals and/or notifications. A very simple example of this is in Accounts Payable: because every business has to pay bills : (

If any of the following applies in your AP department, then you may be able to benefit from AP automation.

Manual Entry of Invoice Data

Manually Routing Invoices for Approval

Manual 2 or 3-Way Matching of Documents. Examples: Invoice, PO, BOL, PL …

Complex GL Coding

Duplicate Invoice Payments

Locating Lost or Misfiled Invoices

No Management Visibility

Making Copies of Invoices

oh the possibilities

Any of this Sound Good?

Improve Cash Flow

Increase Security, Efficiency, and Accuracy

Capitalize on Early Payment Discounts

Implement Disaster Recovery

Ensure Policy and Procedures are met.


Better project spending

Have complete Audit History- 100% real time

visibility of each invoice for accurate Budget Forecasting and Liabilities.

Can provide visibility to employee productivity

“Our solution and process redesign has resulted in a reduction of $40,000 in annual cost and 45% gain in time efficiency.”

—Brandon Chapman, Tulsa Community College

“Another advantage is that Jabil can now effortlessly track each invoice at each stage of the process – from receipt through payment. This was not possible before, as invoices could be in transit between the offices, sitting on a desk awaiting review, or in a file cabinet drawer.”

—Dave Waller, Jabil’s Director of Accounting 

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