Industry Case Uses


Orders, Slip and Fall, Invoices, Shipping Documents, Proposals and Agreements, OSHA, TISO, FDA, CFR Part 11, BOM, Product Requirements Documents, CAD, Gerber, Trainings and Certifications, NNN, NDA


Store Inspections, Inventory Management, Compliance, Incident Reporting, Customer Loyalty Program, Secret Shopper, Planograms


Dig Safe, New Construction, Enterprise Asset Management, Damage Assessment, Disaster Recovery, Service Orders, Meter Management 


BOL, DOT Inspections, Damaged Goods Report, QA & QC, DVIR

Oil and Gas

Pipeline Construction, Pipeline Inspection, Environmental Inspections, Safety Inspections, Enterprise Asset Management  


Case Workers (DHHS, CPS), Environmental Inspections, Parole Officers Case Management, Facilities Management, RFI & RFP Process 


DVIR / DOT Inspections, Vehicle Accident Investigations, Hazmat Documentation, Preventative Maintenance, Driver Logs


Safety Audits, Punch Lists, Time Cards, QA/QC, Materials Management, Daily Reports, Estimating


Environmental Inspections, Health Inspections, Animal Movements  


Credit Applications, Appraisals


Home Health, Home Hospice, Medical Equipment Delivery


Teacher Evaluations, Building Inspections, School Safety Audits, New Student Registration, Permission Forms, Testing

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Every business is unique, even within the same sector. Solution Sales have really changed over the years. Originally, it was a problem and a solution made to fix that problem. Now, some systems are trying to be all things to all people. At DDG, we think a little differently. We like our solutions to stay in their own swim lane, so they can handle what they were made for EXCEPTIONALLY and not just a few things done ‘good enough’. All of our Solutions offerings have been integrated together seamlessly on the backend, so this is transparent to the user and they get the ‘Best in Class’ – in each class.