Client Profile

Warren County Parks and

Recreation Department

77 Employees |  42 Various Locations  |  Government: Municipal Parks and Recreation Department


Services Used

• Operational Software
• Work Order

• Purchase Order
• Budget Tracking System

The Problem

The Warren County Parks and Recreation Department came to doc doc goose with the hope of digitizing and automating work orders. Each time a work order was created, it was created by hand, in triplicate. Not only was this inefficient, but it was not eco-friendly. Errors and missing information often caused delays while information was re-submitted and clarified. An inability to track made it difficult to know who was responsible for certain duties and made it hard to provide updates in order to manage, prioritize and make changes for bandwidth considerations. The inefficiencies caused a loss of productive work time for employees.

The Solution

The doc doc goose team created a customized software solution that saved Warren County Parks and Recreation time and money by having information flow automatically where it needed to go. Employees are now able to fill out work orders from any device regardless of where they are located, making things easier to complete and process. There is no wasted time searching for missing information or deciphering handwriting. Pictures can be easily attached. With pictures, less needs to be communicated through writing. When work orders are submitted they are triaged at a manager level and assigned. A custom dashboard shows real-time updates and adjustments as needed can be made from anywhere. Closed work orders are automatically filed in the system and easily searchable for historical reference or questions. Our solutions save both valuable time, and trees.

“Allison, Heather, Will, and the entire DDG team have been outstanding. Their customer service is unmatched. Their dedication and commitment to the user and project has been unbelievable. Being able to think outside the box and create workable systems through specific customization has been amazing to see and even more amazing to use!! Any organization that has employees with this level of commitment and dedication to their customers is truly blessed. Keep up the great DDG!!”
Chris Kummer Executive Director,
Parks and Recreation, Warren County, KY

This project was completed in partnership with XBS Office Solutions