Client Profile

Soudal Accumetric

3250 Employees  |  20 Locations  |  Manufacturing Industry

Services Used

• Advanced Capture
• Konica Minolta Copiers

The Problem

With locations worldwide and a manufacturing and distribution facility in Kentucky, Soudal Accumetric is leading the way in producing sealants, foams, and adhesives. To stay on the cutting edge, Soudal was searching for a way to increase efficiency, especially in processing customer orders. With an outdated document management system and multiple programs such as SAP and Sharepoint, employees were saddled with a multistep process that required both physical and digital copies of each order. Not only did this cause processing orders to take more time, but it also made accessing the orders later a tedious task. (Talk about double trouble…)

The Solution

doc doc goose spent quality time with Soudal getting to know the company’s needs and creating a customized plan for souped-up efficiency. Unlike those big, impersonal providers, DDG gave Soudal continual one-on-one support throughout the process. Using Sharepoint, which was already familiar to the company, DDG replaced Soudal’s outdated document management system with advanced capture. Now each document’s data is analyzed as it is uploaded or physically scanned, making storage and organization a breeze. Additionally, partner XBS Office Solutions upgraded Soudal’s copiers and integrated them with the new system with a focus on efficiency and traceability. Now, Soudal is planning to spread the love and expand this new system into offices in 19 countries and its Belgian headquarters.

 “DDG was Johnny on the Spot all the time. Not only was their solution simple and easy to use, but their customer care went above and beyond.”
Chris grimes
project lead, soudal accumetric
This project was completed in partnership with XBS Office Solutions