Developments in technology have changed the way organizations work today. Tools like video calls and project management software have decentralized the workplace. Now, team members can be located in different time zones or sitting at their kitchen table and still be doing work together.

Maintaining a remote team requires more than just sending out a video conference invite. Teams need consistent communication, support and a positive team culture to stay engaged. How can this be achieved?

Here are our top eight tips


1. Establish Strong Brand Values

Values help your team feel personally connected to the work they do. Having clear brand values helps your team know how to approach their work in service of your company goals.

2. Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

This is pretty obvious, right? Without a physical work environment, the daily communication of an office can fall by the wayside. Research available platforms for remote communication and choose the one that best fits the needs of your team. Consider polling your team to see what features would be most important to them.

3. But Don’t Micromanage

Having regular communication is good, but once you’ve set your expectations and assigned the work, stick to pre-scheduled touch bases to check in on progress. Show your team you trust them to accomplish their tasks.

4. Manage Your Time

Remote work requires sincere collaboration from each team member. Otherwise, the project may never get completed. An efficient project management platform is a must for remote teams to share their work. Ensure that the goals are updated regularly with a clear timeline. Having regular touch bases is a very effective way of getting updated info from your team. You can even get your team sharing their top tips for time management with each other!

5. Nurture Your Culture

Your team is full of valuable resources. Instead of falling into group-think, consider what each individual can add to your group. When working remotely we can all get a little stuck in our individual routines, so take some time to brainstorm together and talk through new ideas.

6. Have a Little Fun

Set time aside for optional team hangouts. A weekly virtual happy hour where team members can laugh, share, and say hello to each other’s kids and pets can be a great way to stay connected as a team and decompress.

7. Don’t Forget their Faces

Giving a face to a voice or written message creates stronger team connections. Text conversations may not always convey the exact message and may often be misinterpreted. Give video platforms a try as much as possible!

8. Give Kudos

Whether a centralized office team or a remote team, positive feedback is essential. Thank your team for their hard work and encourage them to thank each other. Setting up monthly calls to celebrate accomplishments is a great way to do this! Give yourself some kudos, too. Make sure you’re also recognizing your hard work.

With the right tools and a fluid and flexible team that values collaboration, creating a positive and efficient remote working environment is totally within reach. Keep these tips in mind for a smooth transition into a virtual office space.